Fashion photography in Dubai is an artistic universe unto itself, blending the vibrant energy of the city with the creativity of its artists. Ivan Cherkashin, a prominent name in this sphere, embodies the spirit of a true “fashion photographer in Dubai”. His work, characterized by its vivid storytelling and aesthetic appeal, captures the essence of Dubai’s diverse fashion scene. This article delves into the life of a fashion photographer, revealing the layers of passion, skill, and dedication behind each stunning photograph.

Ivan Cherkashin: The Artist Behind iVantage Photo

Ivan Cherkashin isn’t just a photographer; he’s a visionary capturing the soul of fashion in Dubai. With a camera in hand and a keen eye for detail, he transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary visuals. His brand, iVantage Photo, represents a blend of artistic flair and technical precision, setting new standards in the field of fashion photography. Ivan’s journey, detailed on his About Me page, showcases his evolution from a passionate enthusiast to a professional “fashion photographer in Dubai”, making him a sought-after name among fashion aficionados.

Diverse Portfolio: More Than Just Fashion

Ivan’s portfolio is a testament to his versatility. It’s not just about fashion; it’s a kaleidoscope of various genres, including abaya, lifestyle, portraits, and product photography. Each category in his Gallery speaks volumes about his ability to adapt his style to suit the subject. His abaya photography, for instance, is a delicate balance between tradition and modernity, capturing the elegance of this traditional garment in contemporary settings.

A Day in the Life of a Dubai Fashion Photographer

Being a “fashion photographer in Dubai” is about embracing a lifestyle where no two days are alike. Ivan’s day might start with a sunrise shoot by the beach, capturing the ethereal beauty of the dawn light on fabric, followed by client meetings where visions and ideas converge. The afternoon could find him scouting unique locations in Dubai’s urban landscape, while his evenings might be dedicated to meticulously editing photos to perfection. Each day is a blend of creativity, patience, and hard work.

The Role of Location: Why Dubai?

Dubai, a city known for its breathtaking skylines and cultural diversity, offers a unique canvas for fashion photographers. It’s a place where traditional Arab culture intersects with contemporary global trends. For a “fashion photographer in Dubai”, the city is not just a background; it’s a character in their story. Ivan leverages this, using iconic locations like the Burj Khalifa or the quaint alleys of Old Dubai to add depth and context to his shoots.

Crafting the Perfect Shot: Techniques and Tools

The art of fashion photography goes beyond just clicking a button. It’s about understanding light, composition, and the subject. Ivan’s expertise with various Professional Photography techniques, combined with his use of top-tier cameras and lenses, allows him to create images that are not just pictures but pieces of art. He often experiments with different lighting setups and angles to capture the true essence of his subject.

Clientele and Collaborations

Ivan’s diverse clients range from local business owners wanting to showcase their products to tourists looking for a memorable photoshoot. His ability to connect with clients, understand their vision, and bring it to life is what makes him a preferred “fashion photographer in Dubai”. Collaborations with fashion designers, models, and makeup artists add another dimension to his work, creating a synergy that is reflected in the final product.

The Business Side: Navigating the Industry

The business of fashion photography is as challenging as it is creative. It involves not just artistic skill but also marketing acumen, client relations, and brand management. As a Freelance Photographer in Dubai, Ivan navigates these challenges with ease, building a brand that is synonymous with quality and creativity. His approach to business is strategic yet personal, ensuring that each client feels valued.

Cultural Sensitivity and Creativity

Dubai’s rich cultural tapestry offers a unique challenge to photographers – to be creative while being respectful of cultural norms. Ivan’s work strikes this balance beautifully, blending creativity with a deep understanding of cultural sensitivities. Whether it’s a fashion shoot in the desert or a lifestyle shoot in the city, he ensures that his work reflects the multicultural ethos of Dubai.

Behind the Scenes: Pre- and Post-Production

The magic of a great photograph often lies in what happens behind the scenes. From conceptualizing a shoot to the final touches in post-production, a lot goes into creating a flawless image. Ivan’s attention to detail during the Photo Editing process ensures that each photo not only looks stunning but also tells a story. His expertise in editing software allows him to enhance images without losing their natural essence.

Networking and Building a Brand

In the world of fashion photography, networking is key. Ivan’s journey from an aspiring photographer to a well-known “fashion photographer in Dubai” is a testament to the power of building connections. Attending industry events, collaborating with other professionals, and maintaining a strong online presence have been instrumental in building the iVantage Photo brand. This networking not only brings in clients but also fosters a community of creative collaboration.

Social Media and Online Presence

In today’s digital age, a strong online presence is crucial. Ivan’s engagement on platforms like Instagram not only showcases his work but also connects him with a global audience. His social media channels serve as a portfolio of his diverse projects, giving potential clients a glimpse into his style and approach. Regular updates, behind-the-scenes content, and interactive posts keep his audience engaged and interested.

Challenges and Rewards of the Profession

The life of a “fashion photographer in Dubai” is filled with both challenges and rewards. On one hand, there’s the constant pressure to stay creative and relevant in a highly competitive market. On the other, there’s the unparalleled joy of seeing a concept come to life through the lens. For Ivan, each challenge is an opportunity to grow, and each successful shoot is a reward in itself.

Advice for Aspiring Fashion Photographers in Dubai

For those dreaming of a career in fashion photography, Ivan’s advice is invaluable. He emphasizes the importance of practice, patience, and persistence. Understanding the technical aspects of photography, developing a unique style, and continuously learning are key. Networking and building a strong portfolio are also crucial steps in making a mark in the industry.


The journey of a “fashion photographer in Dubai” is as glamorous as it is demanding. Ivan Cherkashin, through his brand iVantage Photo, has not only captured beautiful moments but has also set a benchmark in the industry. His work is a blend of artistic vision, technical skill, and an unending passion for photography. This article offers just a glimpse into the fascinating world of fashion photography in Dubai, where every frame tells a story and every shot is a piece of art.


  1. What makes Dubai unique for fashion photography? Dubai’s unique blend of modern architecture and rich cultural heritage provides a diverse backdrop for fashion photography. The city’s dynamic energy and cosmopolitan vibe make it an ideal location for creative exploration.
  2. How does Ivan Cherkashin balance creativity with business in photography? Ivan balances creativity with business by strategically marketing his unique style and maintaining strong client relationships, ensuring his artistic vision aligns with client needs.
  3. What are the challenges faced by fashion photographers in Dubai? Fashion photographers in Dubai face challenges like keeping up with the fast-paced trends, managing the competitive landscape, and balancing creativity with commercial demands.
  4. How important is social media for a fashion photographer’s success? Social media is vital for showcasing work, building a brand, and connecting with both clients and the global photography community.
  5. What advice does Ivan offer to aspiring fashion photographers? Ivan advises aspiring photographers to continually hone their skills, develop a unique style, network effectively, and stay passionate about their craft.