Dubai, with its mesmerizing skyline, rich culture, and bustling lifestyle, has become a canvas for photographers worldwide. Every corner of this city offers a story waiting to be captured. But amidst this allure, a pressing question arises for many – how much does a photographer in Dubai price their invaluable services?

Understanding the Costs and Photographer Price in Dubai

Photography is frequently perceived as an intersection of art and science. Beyond merely pointing a camera and snapping a picture, it demands a comprehensive grasp of the subject, ambiance, and lighting. Consequently, all these facets coalesce to craft a work of art. Thus, the price tag isn’t merely a reflection of the time dedicated to the shoot. Instead, it encompasses equipment expenses, post-production work, the photographer’s expertise, and the distinct perspective they introduce. So, when you finance a photography session, you’re not just paying for a service. Rather, you’re investing in cherished memories, unparalleled artistry, and the myriad hours of education and practice the photographer has honed over the years.

Portrait Session

Portraits stand the test of time. They embody an individual’s essence, emotions, and soul. Taking a portrait goes beyond mere posing; it reveals the real you, the narratives in your gaze, the traces of laughter, and the concealed tears. For 2000 AED, iVantage Photo offers a portrait session that becomes a journey to discover oneself. This package includes two dedicated hours with a certified photographer who captures every fleeting emotion. After the shoot, professionals post-process the high-resolution images. Within 15 days, you’ll receive access to a thoughtfully curated online gallery.

Urban Session Price with Freelance Photographer in Dubai

Dubai seamlessly fuses its futuristic architecture with its deep-rooted history. The impressive skyscrapers, standing alongside traditional souks, provide an unmatched setting for urban photography. For 1500 AED, you can delve into the urban narratives of Dubai through our session. Travel from the vibrant streets of Downtown Dubai to the tranquil pockets of Al Fahidi, with this session ensuring a feast for the eyes. In the two-hour coverage, we aim to encapsulate Dubai’s urban essence in every shot.

Product Session

In this digital era, with e-commerce dominating, product photography stands front and center. It goes beyond merely displaying a product; it communicates its worth, distinctiveness, and commitment to potential buyers. At 6000 AED, our product session offers an all-inclusive solution for businesses. Benefiting from a specialized studio environment, four hours of detailed photography, and the skills of a certified photographer, each product shines in all its splendor. The high-resolution photos are ideal for online platforms, guaranteeing your product makes its mark in the bustling digital bazaar.

Studio Session

Studio photography holds a distinct allure. With its controlled environment, meticulous lighting, and the capacity to fine-tune every detail, it guarantees that any subject, whether person or product, appears in its optimal form. For 4000 AED, our studio session delivers this enchantment. Four focused hours with a certified photographer in a cutting-edge studio make sure every capture is the epitome of excellence.

Lifestyle Session Photographer Price in Dubai

Life is a mosaic of fleeting moments, and capturing these moments is the essence of lifestyle photography. From candid laughter to introspective moments, the lifestyle session is all about documenting life as it happens. Priced at 1000 AED, this session offers an hour with a professional photographer who specializes in capturing the unscripted, beautiful moments of life.

Why Choose iVantage Photo

Choosing a photographer is a significant decision. With iVantage Photo, you’re not just hiring a photographer; you’re partnering with a storyteller. Ivan Cherkashin, the visionary behind iVantage Photo, brings years of experience and a passion for the craft to every project. His diverse portfolio, ranging from abayas to events, from products to personal moments, is a testament to his versatility and expertise. Client testimonials and success stories further underscore the unmatched value he brings to every session.

iVantage Photo Session Pricing in Dubai

  • Portrait Session: 2000 AED
    • One Classic Certified Photographer
    • 2 Hours of Photography Coverage
    • High-Resolution Images
    • Online Gallery ready within 15 Days
  • Urban Session: 1500 AED
    • One Classic Certified Photographer
    • 2 Hours of Photography Coverage at 1 Location
    • High-Resolution Images
    • Online Gallery ready within 15 Days
  • Product Session: 6000 AED
    • One Classic Certified Photographer
    • 4 Hours of Photography Coverage
    • Studio Included
    • High-Resolution Images
    • Online Gallery ready within 15 Days
  • Studio Session: 4000 AED
    • One Classic Certified Photographer
    • 4 Hours of Photography Coverage
    • High-Resolution Images
    • Online Gallery ready within 15 Days
  • Lifestyle Session: 1000 AED
    • One Classic Certified Photographer
    • 1 Hour of Photography Coverage
    • High-Resolution Images
    • Online Gallery ready within 15 Days

Navigating the iVantage Photo Website

For those keen on delving deeper, the iVantage Photo website is a treasure trove of information and visual delights. The portfolio section showcases a diverse range of sessions, each with its unique story. The blog posts, on the other hand, offer valuable insights into the world of photography in Dubai, ensuring that clients are well-informed and inspired before making a decision.


In the grand tapestry of life, memories are the threads that weave stories. While the photographer price in Dubai is an essential consideration, the value derived from professional photography is truly priceless. Memories captured, stories told, and moments immortalized – the offerings of iVantage Photo are an investment in memories. Ready to embark on a photographic journey? Book your session Now.


  1. Why are the photography sessions priced differently?
    Each session has its unique requirements, equipment, and post-processing needs, which influence the price.
  2. How soon can I expect my photos after the session?
    Typically, the online gallery is available within 15 days after the session, with each image meticulously post-processed to perfection.
  3. Can I customize a package based on my needs?
    Absolutely! Reach out to Ivan to discuss a tailored package that aligns with your vision.
  4. Do I get all the photos taken during the session?
    The package includes high-resolution images, which are the best shots from the session, post-processed to perfection. Every image is a testament to Ivan’s expertise and vision.
  5. Can I use the photos for commercial purposes?
    Certainly, you can use the photos for e-commerce, catalogs, and other business-related uses, as long as you credit iVantage Photo