Witness the harmonious blend of traditional Arabian fashion and the iconic architectural wonders of Dubai. This project, helmed by Ivan Cherkashin, a distinguished freelance photographer based in Dubai, encapsulates the essence of both worlds.

  • Model’s Grace: The elegant model, draped in a red and white abaya, radiates sophistication and grace.
  • Iconic Backdrop: The panoramic windows present a mesmerizing view of downtown Dubai, adding depth and a modern touch to each frame.
  • Perfect Fusion: The photoshoot effortlessly combines the rich traditions of Arabian fashion with the vibrant energy of contemporary Dubai.

“Fashion isn’t solely about attire; it’s the narrative they weave. This series narrates a tale of tradition, modernity, and the enchanting result of their union.” – Ivan Cherkashin

For fashion aficionados, brands seeking the ideal backdrop, or those who value the craft of photography, this project stands as a testament to the allure birthed when creativity meets expertise. Delve in, explore each shot, and immerse yourself in the story.

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