A Journey Through Time:

The desert, with its vastness and mystery, holds many secrets. One such secret is this abandoned airplane, which became the canvas for this unique photoshoot. Each photo tells a story, from the elegance of the woman by the propeller to the haunting beauty of the airplane’s interiors.

Crafting Memories in Uncharted Terrains:

Ivan Cherkashin’s expertise in capturing the essence of his subjects against unconventional backdrops shines through in this project. The juxtaposition of the model against the rustic airplane creates a visual narrative that’s both compelling and evocative.

Why Choose a Creative Photoshoot:

Breaking away from the norm, a creative photoshoot like this offers a unique way to capture memories. Whether you’re a model looking to diversify your portfolio or someone seeking a one-of-a-kind experience, venturing into uncharted terrains like the desert airplane can result in stunning photographs.

Booking Your Own Adventure:

Inspired by this project and want to embark on your own creative journey? Ivan Cherkashin offers tailored photoshoot packages that cater to your vision. From brainstorming ideas to scouting unique locations, Ivan ensures that your photoshoot is as memorable as the photos themselves.