This project features two photos of a girl on a white couch, dressed in black shorts and a white shirt. Captured by freelance photographer Ivan Cherkashin in Dubai, the photoshoot is part of a portfolio collection.

Photo Descriptions:

  • “Photo 1: A relaxed pose of the girl on the white couch.”
  • “Photo 2: A different angle capturing the girl’s elegance on the white couch.”
  • “Photo 3: A Girl in White Shirt – Lifestyle Photoshoot by Ivan Cherkashin

Why Portfolio Photoshoots?

“Portfolio photoshoots are essential for models, actors, and individuals looking to showcase their personality and style. They help in building a professional image and can be used for various purposes, including social media, personal branding, and more.”

Benefits of Working with Ivan Cherkashin:

Ivan Cherkashin’s expertise in portfolio photography ensures high-quality images that reflect your unique personality and style. His personalized approach and creative vision make the photoshoot a rewarding experience.

Booking a Photoshoot:

To book a portfolio photoshoot with Ivan in Dubai, visit his website or contact him directly. He offers tailored packages to meet your specific needs and goals.


This project highlights Ivan Cherkashin’s ability to capture the essence of the subject through creative and professional photography. The photos reflect the urban elegance of Dubai and the unique style of the model.