“This project features a lifestyle photoshoot of two models, captured in various locations in Dubai by freelance photographer Ivan Cherkashin. The photoshoot includes 4 distinct photos, each portraying a different aspect of urban life.”

Photo Descriptions:

  • “Photo 1: A full-length shot of a models in shorts by a wall.”
  • “Photo 2: Models enjoying coffee on a bench in sundresses.”
  • “Photo 3: A blonde model on a decorative car-shaped bench.”
  • “Photo 4: A brunette model at a street coffee shop.”

Why Choose Lifestyle Photography?

Lifestyle photography captures real-life situations in an artistic manner. It’s perfect for those looking to portray authenticity and personality. Whether for personal use, branding, or social media, lifestyle photography can tell a story and connect with the audience.

Benefits of Working with Ivan Cherkashin:

With years of experience and a keen eye for detail, Ivan Cherkashin offers professional lifestyle photography services in Dubai. His ability to understand the vision and create engaging photos makes him a preferred choice for many.

How to Book a Photoshoot:

To book a lifestyle photoshoot with Ivan, visit his website or contact him directly. He offers personalized consultations to ensure the photoshoot aligns with your goals and expectations.


This project showcases Ivan Cherkashin’s expertise in lifestyle photography, reflecting the urban vibe of Dubai through creative and engaging photos.