Dubai, a city renowned for its breathtaking skyline, luxurious lifestyle, and rich cultural heritage, offers a myriad of photographic opportunities. Every corner of this vibrant city presents a chance to capture a memory, a moment, or a masterpiece.

Introduction to Dubai’s Photographic Landscape

Dubai’s ever-evolving fashion scene, combined with its iconic landmarks, provides a perfect backdrop for photographers. From high-fashion editorials to dynamic street style shots, the city offers endless opportunities for capturing stunning visuals. And when it comes to choosing the right photographer, iVantage Photo stands out as the premier choice. The city’s unique blend of traditional and modern aesthetics offers a versatile canvas for photographers to work on.

The iVantage Edge

Ivan Cherkashin: The Visionary Behind iVantage Photo

Ivan Cherkashin, the creative genius behind iVantage Photo, is not just a freelance photographer; he’s a storyteller. With years of experience under his belt, Ivan has mastered the art of capturing moments that resonate deeply with viewers. His dedication to the craft is evident in every shot he takes. As Ivan eloquently puts it, “Photography is more than just freezing a moment in time. It’s about capturing the emotion, the essence, and the soul of that moment.” Dive deeper into his vision on the about page.

Diverse Services Tailored to Your Needs

Fashion & Product Photoshoots

Dubai, being a global fashion hub, is home to numerous high-end brands, designers, and fashion events. From the traditional elegance of abayas to the modern chic of international brands, iVantage Photo ensures every piece tells its unique story. Whether you’re showcasing products for e-commerce, creating a catalog for your website or Instagram, or launching a new fashion line, Ivan’s expertise will elevate your brand’s visual appeal.

Events Photography

Dubai’s nightlife is nothing short of legendary. The city comes alive as the sun sets, with events ranging from high-profile club events to private parties and grand weddings. iVantage’s event photography captures the energy, the emotions, and the essence of every occasion, ensuring memories that last a lifetime. Explore some of the most vibrant events captured by iVantage.

Personal Photoshoots

Personal portrait captured by Ivan Cherkashin in Dubai.
A personal moment immortalized through the lens of Dubai’s freelance photographer, Ivan Cherkashin.

Life’s personal moments, whether big or small, deserve special attention. Whether it’s a lifestyle shoot at Dubai’s iconic landmarks, a portrait session, or capturing a special family event, Ivan ensures memories are immortalized with perfection. Dive into the lifestyle and portrait galleries to witness his artistry.

Studio Shoots

Monochromatic portrait of high-end fashion models in a minimalist studio setting.
A masterful blend of minimalism and high-fashion, captured in timeless black and white.

A controlled environment, perfect lighting, and a touch of creativity define iVantage’s studio portfolio. From product shots to fashion editorials, the studio sessions are meticulously crafted to highlight every detail and showcase the subject in the best light possible. Explore the studio portfolio to see the magic unfold.

Why iVantage Photo Stands Out

Experience & Expertise

With a diverse portfolio and insightful blogs, Ivan’s work stands as a testament to his skills. His years of experience in the field, combined with his artistic vision, make him one of the most sought-after photographers in Dubai.


From fashion to love stories, from corporate events to personal milestones, iVantage Photo caters to a wide range of clientele, ensuring that every project is handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Client-Centric Approach

Every shoot is tailored to the client’s vision, ensuring satisfaction. The glowing testimonials on the about page speak volumes about the trust clients place in iVantage Photo and the quality of work delivered.

Connect with iVantage Photo

Embarking on a photographic journey in Dubai? Whether you’re a brand, an individual, or a tourist, iVantage Photo is here to cater to all your photographic needs. Reach out through the contact page or delve deeper into Ivan’s vision and explore his vast portfolio.


Every picture tells a story. With iVantage Photo, it’s not just about the visuals; it’s about the emotion, the narrative, and the passion behind every shot. Whether you’re a business owner, a tourist, or a fashion enthusiast, iVantage Photo promises to deliver memories that will last a lifetime.


  1. What types of photography does iVantage Photo specialize in?
    • iVantage Photo specializes in fashion, product, events, personal, and studio photography.
  2. How can I book a session with iVantage Photo?
    • You can book a session by reaching out through the contact page.
  3. Does iVantage Photo cater to tourists looking for personal photoshoots?
    • Yes, iVantage Photo offers personal photoshoots for tourists, capturing memories against the backdrop of Dubai’s iconic landmarks.
  4. Where can I view iVantage Photo’s portfolio?
  5. What sets iVantage Photo apart from other freelance photographers in Dubai?
    • iVantage Photo stands out due to its versatility, client-centric approach, and the artistic vision of Ivan Cherkashin.