Portfolio Category: Abaya

Beige Abaya Photoshoot with Panoramic Dubai Views - iVantage Photo

iVantage Photo captures the elegance of a beige Abaya against the backdrop of Dubai's panoramic windows, creating a harmonious blend of ...

Glistening Abaya Photoshoot: Dark Elegance in Dubai's Spotlight with iVantage Photo

iVantage Photo captures the mystique of a shimmering dark Abaya in a studio setting, highlighting Dubai's timeless fashion icon.

Dubai Abaya Photoshoot with iVantage Photo: Where Tradition Meets Modernity

iVantage Photo's Abaya photoshoot in Dubai captures the essence of Emirati elegance, blending tradition with modern fashion sensibilities.

Lifestyle Abaya Photography by Ivan Cherkashin - Photoshoot in Dubai

A modern take on the traditional abaya, set against a contrasting navy blue. A blend of culture and contemporary fashion.

Geometric Elegance: Abaya Photoshoot in Dubai

An exquisite abaya photoshoot in Dubai by Ivan Cherkashin, blending traditional elegance with modern design. Set against iconic city back...

Fashion Elegance in Violet: Designer Photoshoot in Dubai

A captivating showcase of a model in a violet dress, this project by Ivan Cherkashin captures the essence of Dubai's fashion scene agains...

Abaya Designer's Dubai Panorama Photoshoot

A mesmerizing blend of traditional elegance set against the modern skyline of Dubai, this photoshoot highlights the intricate design of t...

Elegant Abaya Studio Photoshoot in Dubai

Professional photography showcasing the elegance and versatility of modern abayas, captured in a state-of-the-art studio setting.

Arabian Elegance: Abaya Collection Photoshoot by Ivan Cherkashin

Experience the elegance of Arabian fashion in this unique studio photoshoot by Ivan Cherkashin, showcasing a collection of Abayas.

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