Dubai, a city renowned for its architectural marvels, vibrant culture, and luxurious lifestyle, is a photographer’s dream. But capturing its essence requires a unique perspective, a keen eye, and unparalleled expertise. Enter iVantage Photo, a brand that embodies all these qualities and more.

Introduction to iVantage Photo

iVantage Photo isn’t just about taking pictures; it’s about telling stories. Behind every shot is a narrative waiting to be unveiled, and iVantage Photo ensures that each story is told in its most captivating form.

About Ivan Cherkashin

Ivan Cherkashin, the face behind iVantage Photo, is a professional freelance photographer based in Dubai, UAE. With a passion for capturing moments that resonate, Ivan has carved a niche for himself in the world of photography.

Services Offered

Fashion and Product Photoshoots

From the elegant drapes of abayas to the intricate details of products, iVantage Photo specializes in fashion and product photoshoots. Whether it’s for e-commerce, catalogs, or Instagram, business owners and store owners trust iVantage Photo to showcase their products in the best light. Explore the fashion gallery for a glimpse of the magic.

Clubs/Events Photography

Dubai’s nightlife is legendary, and capturing its essence requires a special touch. iVantage Photo brings events to life, ensuring memories are preserved forever. Dive into the event category to relive some of these moments.

Personal Photoshoots

Tourists, models, or anyone looking to create a photo portfolio can rely on iVantage Photo for personal photoshoots that stand out. Each shot is a testament to Ivan’s commitment to excellence. Check out some of these breathtaking portraits.

Lifestyle Shots

Life in Dubai is a blend of tradition and modernity. iVantage Photo captures this blend perfectly with lifestyle shots that speak volumes. The lifestyle gallery is a testament to this.

Portfolio Highlights

Abaya Photography

The elegance of the abaya is unmatched, and iVantage Photo captures this essence perfectly. Explore the abaya collection for a journey through tradition and style.

Event Photography

From grand celebrations to intimate gatherings, iVantage Photo ensures every moment is captured. Dive into the event portfolio for a taste of the magic.

Fashion Photography

Fashion is ever-evolving, and iVantage Photo is always in step with the latest trends. The fashion portfolio is a testament to this commitment.

Lifestyle Photography

Life in Dubai is vibrant, and iVantage Photo captures its essence perfectly. Explore the lifestyle portfolio for a journey through the city’s heart.


Every face has a story, and iVantage Photo ensures it’s told beautifully. Dive into the portrait gallery for a glimpse of these tales.

Product Photography

Products come alive with iVantage Photo. The attention to detail ensures every product is showcased perfectly. Check out the product portfolio for a taste of the magic.

Why Choose iVantage Photo?

With a plethora of photographers in Dubai, what sets iVantage Photo apart? It’s the commitment to excellence, the passion for storytelling, and the dedication to capturing moments that resonate. Whether it’s a personal photoshoot or a product showcase, with iVantage Photo, you’re always in good hands.


In a city as dynamic as Dubai, capturing its essence requires a special touch. iVantage Photo, with its blend of expertise, passion, and commitment, ensures that every moment is preserved in its most captivating form. So, the next time you’re looking to capture the essence of the Emirates, you know who to turn to.


  1. What services does iVantage Photo offer?
    • iVantage Photo offers a range of services, including fashion and product photoshoots, club/event photography, personal photoshoots, and lifestyle shots.
  2. Who is the face behind iVantage Photo?
    • Ivan Cherkashin, a professional freelance photographer based in Dubai, UAE, is the visionary behind iVantage Photo.
  3. Where can I view iVantage Photo’s portfolio?
    • You can explore the portfolio on the official website for a glimpse of the magic.
  4. Does iVantage Photo cater to personal photoshoots for tourists?
    • Yes, iVantage Photo offers personal photoshoots for tourists, models, and anyone looking to create a photo portfolio.
  5. How can I get in touch with iVantage Photo?
    • You can contact iVantage Photo through the official website for any inquiries or bookings.