This project features a studio photoshoot of a pregnant woman in a black dress, captured in black and white by freelance photographer Ivan Cherkashin in Dubai.

The Beauty of Black and White Photography:

Black and white photography brings out the depth, emotions, and timeless beauty of a subject. In this photoshoot, the monochrome palette accentuates the elegance of the pregnant woman, creating a classic and memorable portrait.

Advantages of Studio Photography:

Studio photography offers controlled lighting, background, and ambiance, ensuring that every detail is captured perfectly. It provides a distraction-free environment, allowing the subject to be the main focus.

Booking a Photoshoot with Ivan Cherkashin:

If you’re looking to capture special moments in a professional setting, consider booking a studio photoshoot with Ivan Cherkashin in Dubai. With his expertise and state-of-the-art studio equipment, you’re guaranteed high-quality photos that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. To book a session, visit Ivan’s website or contact him directly.


This project is a testament to Ivan Cherkashin’s expertise in studio photography, capturing the beauty and emotions of an expecting mother in a timeless monochrome setting.