This project features a lifestyle photoshoot of a girl in a swimsuit, set in a pool with blue water and a blurred background. Captured by freelance photographer Ivan Cherkashin in Dubai, the photoshoot includes three distinct photos.

Photo Descriptions:

  • “Photo 1: A captivating portrait of the girl, highlighting her features.”
  • “Photo 2: A full model shot, showcasing the girl’s confidence.”
  • “Photo 3: A delightful moment with the girl accompanied by her Yorkshire Terrier.”

The Essence of Lifestyle Photography:

Lifestyle photography captures real-life situations in an artistic manner. It’s about portraying everyday moments in a way that draws the viewer in, making them feel a part of the scene.

Benefits of Working with Ivan Cherkashin:

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for capturing genuine moments, Ivan Cherkashin offers professional lifestyle photography services in Dubai. His expertise ensures that each photo tells a story, making them perfect for personal portfolios, branding, or social media.


This project showcases Ivan Cherkashin’s expertise in lifestyle photography, capturing the essence of summer moments in Dubai.